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Memorable and FUN Weddings

Power House specializes in weddings.

We know and understand the stress that can come with planning the perfect day so we strive to make the entertainment part as stress-free as possible.


Power House offers free music time for wedding receptions while the guests are awaiting the Bride and Grooms arrival at the reception hall. 


There is the availability for us to play the wedding marches even if you are having the ceremony and reception  at the same or separate locations.

We also offer Lavelier microphones that can be pinned on the groom or officiant so everyone can hear the wedding vows.  Lavelier microphones are usually pinned on the groom or officiant so they will not show in your wedding photographs!


We have been performing at weddings for over 16 years and know how to "read" the crowd, so there is no need for you agonize over every single song that needs to be played, after all, you hire a professional so you should not be doing all the work.  We do welcome "must play & Do Not play lists"


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