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Photo Booth Rentals

Add more fun to your party... Add a Photo Booth!


Why should I add a Photo Booth?
the answer is easy:  They are FUN!

There is something about a photo booth that just makes people smile and "let their hair down". Being behind the curtain gives people the opportunity to relax and have fun.


You will see the smiles on your guests faces as they enter and exit the booth.  It is fun and exciting for guests to take group shots either silly, funny or even.. sexy! It is all up to you and your guests!

Not everyone on your guest list will be a dancing machine, but everyone likes to create memories.  The photo booth dos just that.  Your guests will receive a photo strip which can be personalized to your event. Your guests photos will immediately become a fun and personal favor and a lasting memento from your party.


Isn't a photo booth extremely expensive? I am on a budget you know..

Believe me, we understand that you are on a budget, which is why we are proud to partner with Silver Treasures Photography.  We are able to provide you with a full booth at a low cost.


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